1953 Diamond REO M-52
1951 M37 3/4 Ton Truck
1951 M37 3/4 Ton Truck
1951 M37 3/4 Ton Truck


Serial #: M524065
License #: HV835G
Engine: 6-cylinder Continental R6602, 602 cubic inch
Transfer Case: 2-Speed with auto front drive engagement
Transmission: 5-Speed Spicer
Fuel Capacity: 110 Gallons
Fuel Type gasoline
Height: 102 inches
Length: 273 inches
Width: 97 inches
Weight: 20, 020 lbs
Crew 1 + 1
Status Static Display
Owner: Estrella Warbird Museum


The M52 Truck, Tractor, 5 ton, 6x6 is part of the G-744 (or M-39) series of 5 ton 6x6 trucks. Production of the M-39 series of five ton trucks began in 1951, in a rush to meet requirements for the Korean War. By 1953 the trucks had been standardized and the early production by International Harvester, Diamond T, and Mack was replaced by much larger contracts with IH and Kaiser Jeep.

The M-series 5-ton 6 x 6 range replaced the various wartime 4- 7- and 7 ½-ton models and was produced by Diamond T, International and Mack, starting in the early 1950´s. The M52 was among the earliest versions of the M-series 5 ton range (1952). It was supplied also to the US Air Force, usually with the optionally hard-top cab.

In the early 1960´s it was decided to "dieselize" the M52 tractor and the M54 cargo truck fleet to provide greater fuel economy. Commercial engine from Cummins and Mack were tested. The Mack ENDT673 was selected, and new trucks with this engine received the suffix A1 to their model code. Mack supplied these power units also for vehicles assembled by other contractors and it applied to more models than the initial M52A1 and M54A1 in 1962. Only just over 2.500 were built, though, because within 2 years the Continental- and Hercules-build multi-fuel engines were standardized as the A2-version.

Also produced by Kaiser Jeep/AM General. Production ended in the 1980s.

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