1953 Dodge M43 Ambulance
1953 Dodge M43 Ambulance
1953 Dodge M43 Ambulance
1953 Dodge M43 Ambulance
1953 Dodge M43 Ambulance
1953 Dodge M43 Ambulance
1953 Dodge M43 Ambulance
1953 Dodge M43 Ambulance


VIN: 80043713
License # ID #: 1NBL905 /43713
Engine: L Head, 6 Cylinder 230 cubic inches
Transmission: 4-Speed
Power Transfer: Ratio: High 1:1, low 1.96:1
Suspension: Live beam axles on leaf springs
Horsepower: 78 BPH
Max. Speed: 55 MPH (High Range)
Range: 255 Miles
Length: 15 feet 10 inches
Weight: 5917 lbs
No. Produced: 115,000
Status Working Display
Owner: Estrella Warbird Museum


This M-43 3/4 ton 4x4 Ambulance Truck was donated to the museum in a "rust bucket" type condition. The ambulance is was restored, frame up, to operating condition by EWM volunteers, and serves to represent the museum in local parades when not on display in the Brooks Building.

The M-43 3/4 ton rated ambulance is a variant of the M-37 cargo truck, built by Dodge as a follow-on to the World War II vintage WC-54 Dodge ambulance and WC-64 KD Dodge ambulance, both part of the G502 series of WC 3/4 ton trucks.

The M-43 is based on the M-37 cargo truck but differed from the M-37 by having the panel-type closed ambulance body consisting of the driver's compartment and the patient's compartment with a connecting partition door. The spare wheel is mounted on a carrier at the left side of the driver's compartment. A spotlight is mounted on the roof of the driver's compartment.

Receipt Condition: Original condition when received: Special features include a fording kit, extra heater mounted on fender and spare tire mounted on driver’s door. On the good side, all original equipment was still in the truck. The interior was very complete and in pretty good shape. On the down side are several rust problems to deal with. The roof was almost completely rusted off at the drip rail and the air vent is rusted through the cowl and underneath. When we stared to dissemble, we arrived at a good solid frame which could be nicely cleaned and primed. This was a relatively easy task for renovation as the original was complete.

53 Dodge Ambulance

After Restoration: Volunteers on the Vehicle Restoration Crew completed a total restoration of our 1953 Dodge M-43 Ambulance and it was placed on display in the Brooks Bldg. Over the course of the a year and a half, it was completely disassembled down to virtually the last nut and bolt, then completely rebuilt from the frame up, to include the engine. The vehicle was painted and marked in USMC colors, and the interior in hospital white. The interior is almost like an operating room down to the surgical light!

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