M-101A2 1/2 Ton Trailer

The M-101 and M-101A2, 1/2 ton trailers were utilized by the US Army and USMC for towing cargo behind trucks and tanks.

  • P1110024
  • P1230022
  • P3060040
P11100242 P12300223 P30600404


Weight (empty): 1200 lbs
Weight (loaded): 2700 lbs
Payload: 1500 lbs
Cargo Volume: 96 CUBIC FEET
Length: 142 1/2 inches
Width: 80 1/8 inches
Axels: 1, with two wheels
Brakes: Hand brake, parking only
Owner: Estrella Warbird Museum


There were multiple variations of the M105 trailer when utilized to carry a myriad of types of cargo, including ammunation. The trailer featured removeable sideboard racks and bows for canvas covering