Estrella WarBirds Museum is proud of our full size F/A -18 cockpit simulator, previously used at Naval Air Station Lemoore for pilot training, and is an extremely popular attraction for our museum visitors, pilots and non-pilots alike. You can schedule time during museum hours based on our sim operator availability (currently on Fridays and Sundays) and reserve a 1/2 hour appointment for $25 (or longer if you'd like). You will be happy to know that we recently completed a major upgrade to the software, computer systems and the visual displays to bring you the best experience possible.

  • The flight sim has been totally upgraded with new computers and a state-of-the-art simulation program with beautiful graphics and stunning performance
  • A large High Definition monitor is now above the door positioned so patrons can see the flying that is taking place inside the simulation room.
  • A flight over San Francisco near the airport
  • The pilot heads out to sea to land on the aircraft carrier
  • A new partition was placed between the operator’s station and the cockpit
  • The operator controls the simulation from here using two computers
  • All flight parameters are chosen by the operator using this screen
  • The cockpit panel changes to reflect the type of aircraft being flown.... here it is the FA-18F “Super Hornet”
  • Any of over 30,000 airports can be selected. Here is Monterey, CA (KMRY)
  • Different aircraft and weapons, location, time of day and weather conditions are easily selected by the operator
  • The operator can also select different flight displays on the 3D aircraft panel
  • The pilot views the HUD (heads up device) while looking through the cockpit’s windscreen
  • Airspeed, altitude, compass heading and other flight variables are in view on the HUD
  • Taxiing to runway 10R at Monterey
  • At San Francisco International Airport on runway 28L, the pilot is ready to light the afterburners for a speedy takeoff to intercept a “bogey” over the Pacific
  • “Fox 2”.... the pilot launches a heat seeking Sidewinder missile at the Bogey after his radar found the target (which is now in the rectangle)
  • “Splash 1” .... the missile found its target
  • There is another bogey out there and the pilot is in pursuit
  • The missile is tracking the target high above
  • The multiple arrow pointing upward on the HUD tell the pilot where the next target is located. He/she can select different targets by using a hat switch located on the joystick
  • Another bogey destroyed!
  • Mission accomplished .... the pilot is heading back toward San Francisco bay
  • San Francisco Airport ahead
  • Heading toward downtown SF
  • Downtown with the Transamerica Pyramid building in view and the Oakland Bay Bridge
  • The Golden Gate Bridge ahead
  • Heading over the Bay toward San Jose at the far end
  • On final approach to runway 30L at Norman Mineta San Jose International Airport (KSJC)

Just for Fun...

This unique opportunity allows any pilot, or wanna-be pilot, to fly while sitting in the real cockpit of an F/A-18 "Hornet" naval fighter. You will be flying an F/A-18F series aircraft, one of the better fighter aircraft in the world.

The "heads-down" panel displayed in the cockpit changes to simulate the gauges typical of the aircraft chosen. The pilot will receive a short pre-flight briefing by our simulator operator. A 3D sound system provides increased realism for the flight while a large "heads-up" projection display on the screen in front of the cockpit adds to the visual sensation of flight.

It is up to you to determine your level of involvement. You can learn the basics of flying in normal airspace (over San Francisco for example) practicing takeoffs, landings and routine maneuvers or choose to be a multi-reflex required fighter pilot in the middle of intense combat. You can even practice taking off and landing on the USS Nimitz aircraft carrier. The choice is yours! Your sim operator can change your flight environment by choosing the location (over 30,000 different airports around the world), time of day, weather, giving you multiple aggressor aircraft to challenge and arming your aircraft with different weapons and ordinance.

To sign up for a future flight in our F/A-18 "Hornet" simulator please click Use the "Reserve" link above and provide the appropriate information. You will be contacted by the Estrella Warbird Museum's Coordinator to be given additional information and confirm your appointment or to change the day/time (based on our sim operator availability).

Come fly with us..... You will have a blast!

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