1941 Willys MB Follow Me Jeep

Joining our collection of jeeps is a version often seen on the tarmak of many military airports. The bright color pattern is designed to be readily seen by recently landed aircraft and used to guide aircraft to the appropriate parking area. The original airport in Paso Robles was the home of the Estrella Army Air Base.

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CN: 107866
ID Number: 107866
Engine: L Head, 4 Cylinder
Horsepower: 54@4500 RPM
Suspension 4-WD, 4 Leaf Springs
Transmission: T-84, 3 Speed
Tires: 11-20
Cubic Inch 134
Electrical: 12-volt Conversion
Vehicle Dimensions: Ground Clearance - 11 inches
Loading Height: - 56 inches
Pintle Height, Loaded - 25 Inches
Status Operating Display
Owner: Gary Corippo


A classic example of utilizations of early-WWII Army Jeeps, this one painted for a specific use/location. This is also one of the EWM restored vehicles which represents the Estrella WarBirds Museum in local community events.