1940 Clark CK20 Aircraft Tug

Isn't this a sweet little tug you would like to see out on your tarmak? Museum member Scott Stetlze brought this little baby to the museum completely restored.

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This tug is an exceptional example of a four cylinder Clark CK-20 tug. This tug has been completely dis-assembled and made fully operational. It is a four cylinder gas powered tug and weighs approximately 3800 pounds. The running gear is a four cylinder flat head, liquid cooled Continental engine.
The tug was completely overhauled and improved. It has a stereo system. retractable antenna, diamond tuck seat, spin off oil filter, new electrics, headlight, tail-light, front and rear pintle hitch. Tow capacity is 20,000 pounds according to Clark literature and this is best used for a single point tow bar.