Estrella Warbird Museum is proud to be home for several unique static missile displays, some of which would be extremely hard to find anywhere on public display.

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There was a time when Estrella Warbird Museum had no miissiles on display. It was during that period a retired vice president of Hughes Aircarft, whom lives in the local community, stopped by to visit the museum. He was impressed with our fledgling museum and asked, "Where is your missile display?" Unfortunately, we had none to show him.

Approximately fivee weeks later, a semi showed up at our doorsteps, requesting his cargo be off-loaded as it was destined for our museum. On it was not one, but five static missile displays donated by the aformentioned visitor. Included was also message that noted the enclosed Phoenix missile was one of only two known to exist in any museum. The other is located in the Smithsonian Museum. Thanks, Raytheon, we are proud to host the display.

We are also honored to have local mural artist, Gerri O'Brien paint the most excellent mural which serves which catches your eye immediately upon entering the display building.

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