1941 Dodge WC6 Command Car
1941 Dodge WC6 Command Car
1941 Dodge WC6 Command Car
1941 Dodge WC6 Command Car


Manufacturer: Dodge
Hood Butterfly
Transfer case Single Speed
Axle Gear Ratio 4.29
Engine 230 Flathead 6 cylinder
Top Speed mph 55


The WC6 was only produced for one year by Dodge and came in several body styles including a closed cab and chassis, command car, radio command car, carryall, telephone maintenance and open cab.

With the outbreak of World War II, America's mighty manufacturing companies went to work. As the government handed out contracts for anything from food to airplanes, America's industrial concerns both big and small built the supplies that enabled the United States to gain victory. Of all of the industries that built war supplies, the nation's car builders were at the forefront. Possessing the foundries and tooling needed to make large and heavy-duty machines; companies like Ford, Cadillac, and Chrysler built the tools of war. Ford's famous Willow Run bomber plant was a marvel of engineering and Cadillac's engines powered the Army's tanks. The Chrysler Corporation with its mighty industrial power built a plethora of war supplies from a 30-cylinder tank engine, built by DeSoto to the 40mm Bofors gun made at the Plymouth axle plant. Among Chrysler's contributions to the war effort was the Dodge WC Command Car. With years of experience in building automobiles, Dodge certainly knew how to build a car, but their WC Command Car was nothing like a passenger car. The Dodge Command Car featured here is a splendid restoration of this most historic vehicle. One look is all it takes to realize that this is not a light-duty vehicle. Its four-wheel drive, military tires, and iron guarded headlights speak to a time of war and not of personal luxury. With a top speed of just 55 miles per hour, this WC Command Car was built for serious off-road work.

This vehicle is on loan from Haig and Judith Kehiayan Family Trust

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