WWII Power Unit PE-95-2

The unit shown here consisted of a 4-cylinder gasoline engine made by Willys or Ford, coupled directly to a revolving-field, A-C type ONAN generator with built- in D-C exciter, assembled by the O'Keefe-Merritt company in Philadelphia.

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Certain variations in the different models existed between the power plants and the ratings of the generators.

The model shown here use the 134 CID Willys Jeep engine, governed at 1,800 RPM and delivering 35 HP. The generator was rated at 10 kw 120/240 volt. Fuel consumption was 1.1 gal/hour. The gross weight of the unit was 1,556 lbs.

The Ford 120 CID engine was governed at 1,200 RPM but only delivered 19 HP. The generator was rated at 5 kw, 115 volt. Fuel consumption was 1.2 gal/hour. The gross weight of the unit was 1,360 lbs.

The power units provided power to radio sets and other applications requiring an output within their ratings. They were usually installed in a one-axle trailer model K-52 with a rated capacity of 1 ton., often towed by a 2.5 ton GMC CCKW 6x6 truck or larger.

This display, however, shows the power unit on a 3/4 ton post -WWII flat bed trailer, built by the Stevens Company in 1967.