Oh How We've Grown!

It is very gratifying to look back on our history and see how much we have grown, all with the support of our local community. Not bad for a non profit museum that is not funded through your tax dollars!


Growing, Growing, Growing, Keep Those Buildings Growing!

Special thanks to George Marrett and Michael Levine for providing much of the aerial photography!

October, 1995

Hangar One under "re-construction."  The hangar had a previous life, in another location, as an almond packing house.

October, 1997

Taxiway added to connect to Paso Airport runway.  Foundation was poured for Thomson Hall, paved parking and Corippo way added.

October, 1999

Thomson Hall completed, Al Schade restoration hangar (r) added. Our collection of aircraft is starting to grow. Titan Missile landmark and F-104 were added in the front.

April 2001

Restoration hangar completed, concrete pad added in front of Hangar One. Visit of a B-17 and it was obvious we needed to grow the taxiway. Parking space for events filled up fast.

May 2007
Freedom Hall was added, as was the F-14. Freedom Hall is the main center for artifact restoration. Taxiway had been widened and tarmac in for restoration hangar added.
July, 2007
After the arrival of the C-47 (top-center), it was apparent that more covered hangar space needed to be added.  Two smaller hangars were added alongside the taxiway (center/right).  A room to house an F-18 flight simulator was added to Freedom Hall and inbound traffic picked up.
April, 2008
Sidewalks around the aircraft display area were added.  Taxiway was again widened to accommodate larger aircraft closer to the restoration hangar.   It's beginning to look like a real museum!
2008 May, 2009.  First Warbirds, Wings & Wheels event brought 7-9,000 people and parking space was at a premium!  The Brooks Building had just been completed, housing a myriad of frame up restored military vehicles and missile display. Construction of the Woodland Automobile Display had just commenced.  Temporary parking needed to be added across Dry Creek Road and to the East of the Restoration Hangar to accommodate more visitors during main events.

Woodland Auto Display is completed (for a while). Approximately 5,000 square feet of automotive and racing history to complement the jet aircraft. The addition was short-lived. Less than a year following completion, we were out of room and in late 2010, the slab/footing was laid for the first addition to the Woodland Automobile Display.


Following the tremendous success of the historical automotive and racing displays, an addition 2,500 square feet was added to the Woodland Building to complement the original display. In addition, an outdoor patio was added to allow for temporary display of some autos, and areas for outdoor events. A main entrance was also added along with the addition. 2011 also saw the pouring of concrete for an expansion of the Brooks Building. Scheduled for completion in early 2012. The fleet of static displayed aircraft increased, as did the number of historic military vehicles on display.


The year started off with dust being dampened by the rains. Construction began on the Hind Pavilion, which will provide a "grand entrance" into the museum. The pavilion is located directly between Freedom Hall and the Brooks Building. The Pavilion will house a new entrance, larger gift shop, several offices, plus additional artifact display area. The Pavilion will open to both the Freedom Hall and the Brooks Building. The former gift shop and offices in Freedom Hall are being converted to a research library (currently housed upstairs in Thomson Hall.

2014 May, 2014. Notice several roofline changes for some staged growth. The Hinds Building (center with red siding, arched roof) was finished and now houses the new gift shop and additional rest rooms. The Brooks Building, just to the left of the gift shop, shows an extension towards the aircraft static display area. This houses the expanded munitions display and the new communications display area. Also, the Woodland Auto Display widened their second building to give additional floor space for classic racing autos.
2016 May, 2016. In this picture taken during the 9th annual Warbirds Wings & Wheels event, you will notice signs of considerable growth. The Woodland Auto Display has expanded again (multiple connected buildings to the left/rear. The Red Ball Motor Pool was added which stands among the aircraft displays, and another smaller hangar was constructed to the right side of the tarmak. In November of 2016, the city of Paso Robles signed off on a new lease agreement for Estrella Warbirds Museum to expand even more, into an additional 9 acres! Stay tuned! We're not done yet!
is proud to be the home of
The Woodland Auto Display