Estrella Warbirds Museum is an established and growing 501(c)(3)3 Non Profit Museum is always looking for a individuals to join our team. The Museum has served the Central Coast for over 30 years. If you are a candidate looking for volunteer, part time or even full time position, check out our current openings today. Click on job position for application or contact current webmaster (cell) 325.273.0453. Currently available as of 5-30-24

Information Technology Support Positions Available:

The following roles have been filled by the same individual in the past. Individual may administer one or multiple positions and work closely with any individual filling one of the related positions. Initially can be walked through any of the positions and answer questions as necessary. Any of the mentioned schooling/learning classes are at no cost.

  • * Google Ads - Must be knowledgable of Google Ad campaigns or willing to learn. Plenty of online videos and classes available. Must take responsibility for EWM online advertising via Google Ad program managing $120,000 worth of ads per year. Must know social media tagging/key words. PLENTY of free online training available.

  • * Google Admin/Email and Apps - Responsible individual to maintain assign addresses and administer emails, trouble shooting (rare), trustworthy, must understand how to set up email on multiple devices. Be able to understand group addresses, maintain email accounts and app accounts. MUST understand Google calendar, calendar sharing and understand online privacy laws. Learn available Google Apps which are not being utilized by our staff. Assign or respond to ALL general email to the museum, respond or redirect as appropriate. 24/7 job. NOT A 3 day job. Insures no personal emails on website. Google has an online extensive and informative help system, easily learned.

  • * Online Forms Manager - Cognito Forms administrator. Is responsible to develop and maintain online forms - (VERY short learning curve). Plenty of training available. Be responsible for database information collected, i.e. registrations, dinners, events, FA-18 scheduling). Abide by the privacy of information laws. Webmaster is absolutely responsiblity as an admin.

  • * Constant Contact Newletter admin. - Develop a monthly newsletter which goes to all our followers/subscribers. Must know how to upload images to either the website or a DIRECTORY on the website to hold images. MUST understand that, by law, once an individual unsubscribes, we can NOT send them anything. Plenty of templates available. Will have access to EWM and Woodland facebook, instagram, and linkedin, or more social media (requires personal social media account/s).

  • * Social Media Marketing Manager Social media. Responsible for4 postings to Facebook for EWM and WAD, which can easily be scheduled weeks or months in advance. Must understand or willing to learn, which is an online tool for scheduling, daily, weekly, monthly, repeating, posts. Can do same post to multiple social media pages at once AND to multiple groups. Must understand how social media works. Must have own social media accounts to be able to sign into the museum accounts.

  • * Webmaster - Must know HTML, Bootstrap 5, and some JavaScripting or modification thereof. (Very limited on javascripting) or be able to understant templates. Maintain and update both,, the ability to import forms from Cognoto, create new forms (for database retention). Fulfill responsibility of advertising for our sponsors. Must learn/know web standards and requirements to meet the laws for access and privacy. All hosting and domain ownership registration is via Must be able to understand usage trends, referral tracking, etc. I have been using DreamWeaver, Adobe Suite, available for non profit subscription, @$34/ mo. via Option of converting existing site to a differnt coding source is open.

  • * Warbirds Wings & Wheels Registrar - Assume all registration and website ownership for site pages and be accessible for questions from anyone associated with the event. Must be able to maintain database and privacy concerns.

Why should I volunteer with a non-profit museum?

Estrella Warbirds Museum was an idea that originated in the minds of two gentlemen with two airplanes. Their vision was to start an aviation museum that would serve the community of Paso Robles. That was 30 years ago and my, how their vision has taken off! We beleive that our mission is ever crucial in this ever changing world.

All volunteers are eligible for time related perks, free luncheons on most Saturdays, 20% volunteer discount in the gift shop

We believe that one person can make a huge difference! You can be that "one person!" We also believe in recognition! We know that working together can make a huge difference, not just in the lives of those who work here, but also in the lives of many of the visitors to travel from all parts of the world to see what is happening in Paso Robles, California.

Besides, this is a great place to make new life-long friends, working together on a common cause!

Estrella Warbirds Museum
Celebrating 30 Years!

Proud to be home of the

Woodland Auto Display

Thur., Fri., Sat., Sun. &
Legal Monday Holidays:
Memorial Day, Labor Day, Veterans Day:
10 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Pricing and Special Group Tours (Minimum of 10 or more): Full Information Here

805 238-9317

4251 Dry Creek Road
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