Estrella Warbirds Museum has seen non stop growth since the idea for the museum was first conceived back in January, 1990! Over the years, numerous people and news groups have recorded our progress or specific displays located at the museum in Paso Robles, CA. We want to give a special thanks to all those whom have 'caught the vision' of our mission, "...not to glorify conflict but rather to make a future generation aware of the fact our way of life does not come without sacrifice."

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Featured Videos - 2019 - 20222015-2018,
2014 - 2006

2014 Fred Schumacher WWW

2014 Mark Allen Warbirds Wings & Wheels 6

2014 Woodland Auto Display


2013 slorabs Warbirds Over Paso

2013 Warbirds Over Paso - Advertisement, Peter Visel

2013 Rick Evans Warbirds Over Paso

2011 Warbirds Wings & Wheels

2011 brianatwell01 "Flying With George Marrett"

2013 slorabs P-38 Warbirds Over Paso

2013 slorabs Warbirds Over Paso

2011 9greff Flight Simulator

2010 goz101 Betsy's Biscuit Bomber Taxis By

2009 Hair Raising Fund Raising Experience with Gary Corippo

2009 Woodland Auto Display

2009 C47 Preflight Briefing

2009 Peter Visel Flying with T-28's

2009 evanglider Trojans and Hoovers - Rick Evans T-28 Trojans

2009 CH46 Sea Knight

2009 37 Tons of Fun!

2006 Trojans n Hoovers

Estrella Warbirds Museum
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Woodland Auto Display

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