Estrella Warbirds Museum has seen non stop growth since the idea for the museum was first conceived back in January, 1990! Over the years, numerous people and news groups have recorded our progress or specific displays located at the museum in Paso Robles, CA. We want to give a special thanks to all those whom have 'caught the vision' of our mission, "...not to glorify conflict but rather to make a future generation aware of the fact our way of life does not come without sacrifice."

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Featured Videos - 2019 - 20222015-2018,
2014 - 2006

2018 KSBY News

2018 KSBY Woodland Auto Display

2018 KSBY Neptune Arrives

2018 Woodland Auto Display - My Classic Car

2018 Radio Room

2017 KSBY Gun Truck

2017 Dennis Gage, Warbirds Wings & Wheels & My Classic Car

2016 PoMan Max at Estrella Warbirds Museum

2016 Spring Break with Grandsons Tom Jasper

2016 Super Couper, Warbirds Wings & Wheels 8

2015 Dennis Strand Woodland Auto Display<

2015 Dave Alley History Comes to Life

2015 Fred Schumacher Warbirds Wings & Wheels

2015 Assorted Military Weapons - Missiles - JCMDIweirdStuff

2015 JCMDIwierdStuff - M113A<

2015 JCMDIwierdStuff Heavy Duty Landing Craft

2015 JCMDIWierd Stuff - REO Speedwagon

2015 JCMDIwierdStuff Aircraft On Display

2015 SLO Tribune Inside a World War II-era C-47

Estrella Warbirds Museum
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Woodland Auto Display

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