Parade manager, restorations, former board member, for Estrella Warbirds Museum

John was born on July 12, 1943 in Los Angeles, California, and spent all of his early years in the Los Angeles area. He graduated in 1961 from Narbonne High School in Harbor City, near San Pedro. He went to Harbor College in San Pedro and has an AA degree in Fire Science.

On Valentine’s Day 1963, John went to work for the Los Angeles County Fire Department, and retired from the Department July 1, 1999. In 1964, he joined the US Naval Reserves, and in July 1966 began a 2-year active duty status, which took him to Hawaii, Phillipines (beautiful Subic Bay/Olongapo!), Japan and Taiwan.

John Everett

John Everett, Parade manager, restorations, former board member, at Estrella Warbirds Museum, Paso Robles, CA
John Everett, Parade manager, restorations, former board member, at Estrella Warbirds Museum, Paso Robles, CA

Sue Spiel and John were married on June 25th, 1966 (2 weeks before his WestPac deployment!), and have 2 beautiful children, Erin (1967), and Darren (1971). During his active Naval service and until 1974 they lived in San Pedro,and later moved to Thousand Oaks, California and then to Creston in 1991. His wife Sue passed away following a long battle with cancer.

Cheryl Christner and John were were married on September 15th, 2007 at their home in Creston. Cheryl is a native of Arroyo Grande, and graduated from Arroyo Grande High School in 1966.

John has been a member of Estrella Warbirds Museum for many years. As everyone around the museum knows, John's primary interest lies in restoring vehicles, but aviation and flying is a very close second. John was spotted driving the Dodge Power Wagon, one of the many museum vehicles in the Atascadero Colony Days Parade. All four vehicles received top honors.

John served as as Safety Manager for the Museum. John has a background of more than 35 years a a firefighter and is familiar with fire safety and fire prevention. He was in charge of the overall safety program for the Museum volunteers, paid staff and docents. The Museum Safety Program consists of Fire Extinguisher Maintenance Program, Fire Extinguisher Training, Fire Prevention, Safety Training Program, First Aid and AED Maintenance and Training.

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