Do YOU have what it takes to accomplish something for your community? We're looking for a few good members to join our Board of Directors of the Estrella Warbird Museum, Inc.

If you are interested, please read the following recommended requirements and email a cover letter and resume at this link.


The Board will support the work of Estrella Warbirds Museum, Inc., and provide mission-based leadership and strategic governance. While the day-to-day operations are led by the Estrella Warbird Museum Chief Operations Officer, Board President and associated staff, the roles of Board of Directors and President relationship is a partnership, and the appropriate active involvement of the Board is both critical and expected. Specific Board Member responsibilities might include:

    Leadership, governance and oversight
  • * Serving as a trusted advisor to the President of the Board as he/she develops and implements Estrella Warbirds strategic plan as a musuem.
  • * Reviewing outcomes and metrics created by Estrella Warbirds Museum for evaluating its impact, and regularly measuring its performance and effectiveness using those metrics;
  • * Reviewing agenda and supporting materials prior to board and committee meetings.
  • * Approving Estrella Warbird Museum’s annual budget, audit reports, and material business decisions; being informed of, and meeting all, legal and fiduciary responsibilities
  • * Assisting the board in identifying and recruiting other Board Members.
  • * Partnering with the President and other board members to ensure that board resolutions are carried out.
  • * Serving on committees or task forces and taking on special assignments.
  • * Representing Estrella Warbirds Museum; acting as an ambassador for the organization to the community.
  • * Ensuring Estrella Warbird Museum's commitment to a diverse board and staff that reflects the Paso Robles and surrounding communities.


Estrella Warbirds Museum Board Members consider the museum to be a philanthropic priority and make annual gifts that reflect that priority. So that Estrella Warbirds Museum can credibly solicit contributions from foundations, organizations, and individuals, Estrella Warbird Musuem expects to have 100 percent of Board Members make an annual contribution that is commensurate with their capacity, whether it be directing a major fund raising event or personally contributing to the ongoing operations of the museum

Board terms/participation

Estrella Warbird Museum Board Members will serve a two-year term to be eligible for re-election for additional terms in accordance with current Policy and Procedures. Board meetings will be held monthly and committee meetings will be held in coordination with full board meetings. The President of the Board is elected annually by the vote of existing Board Member and past Presidents (if they so choose to participate). Service on Estrella Warbird Museum Board of Directors is voluntary and without remuneration.


This is an extraordinary opportunity for an individual who is passionate about Estrella Warbird Museum's mission and who has a track record of initiative and leadership. Selected Board Members will have achieved leadership stature in business, government, philanthropy, aviation, or the nonprofit sector. His/her accomplishments will allow him/her to attract other well-qualified, high-performing Board Members.

Ideal candidates will have the following preferred qualifications:

  • * Extensive professional experience with significant leadership accomplishments in business, government, military, aviation, philanthropy, or the nonprofit sector.
  • * A commitment to and understanding of Estrella Warbird Museum mission, preferably based on experience.
  • * Savvy diplomatic skills and a natural affinity for cultivating relationships and persuading, convening, facilitating, and building consensus among diverse individuals.
  • * Personal qualities of integrity, credibility, and a passion for improving and extending the mission of Estrella Warbird Museum.

Service on Estrella Warbird Museum Board of Directors is voluntary and without remuneration.

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