Volunteer Opportunities with Warbirds Wings & Wheels

The Estrella Warbirds Museum (EWM) would like you to join with us for one of the largest events held each year! This is one of the ways we fund the museum. During the past 30 years, EWM has continued to grow and increase the quality of our local museum without funding from the government. It Will Be Awesome! Warbirds Wings & Wheels 14, Saturday, May 13th, 2023, at Estrella Warbirds Museum

We want to THANK YOU in advance for your assistance and support in making this event a success!

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Listed below are a "few" of the positions outlining various responsibilities of available positions.

  • Museum President: John Couch.
  • Warbirds Wings & Wheels Manager: Carol Verstuyft
  • Online Registrar: Peter Visel. Coordinates all online registrations for sponsors, vehicles, SwapMeet, vendors, and subsequent reporting to appropriate staff. In addition, all online publications, initial point of contact. Directs on site, day of event registration.
  • Donors/Sponsors:Carol Verstuyft. Primary point of contact. Provides logo, etc for posters and online advertising via online registrar.
  • Registration Personnel: (6:00 a.m. to 9 a.m.) Works under the direction of the Online Registrar to insure all cars are registered for the event and that proper paperwork is dispensed to attendees and appropriate signage displayed in vehicles.(On site early morning of the event).
  • Goody Bags: Solicites non-perishable (no food or drink) items for Goody Bag, handed out to each vehicle entrant. Solicites items from sponsors, local and national automotive related resellers.
  • Parking Manager: Pending Works with Event Manager to insure that all vehicles involved in the event are parked in approved locations in a safe and friendly manner. In addition oversees a team of 6 + Parking Team Attendants in directing traffic to event parking and vehicle display areas.
  • Vehicle Judge Manager
  • : Coordinates with vehicle registrar, judge volunteers, tallies, judges work sheets, reports to event manager.
  • Vehicle Judges
  • 15-20 The are 28 categories, be willing to judge vehicles as per predefined instructions for a single class or multiple classes.
  • Parking Team Attendants: (6+) Assist Parking Manager in directing safe path for vehicle parking on the event grounds and Guest parking.
  • Gate Booth (6+)Pending. Collect entrance fees. Also requires 4-6 people for manning booth all day.
  • T-Shirt Sales:(4-6), Man booth for T-Shirt sales and coordinate for T-Shirt redemption by vehicle registrants (identified by ticket)
  • Staff Photographer: (3+) Takes pictures of each car as it enters. Sets up display table. Takes picture of the event itself. Takes pictures of people & cars, winners. Every picture tells a story.
  • Site Hardware Manager: Responsible for coordinating crew and setting up grounds hardware to include temporary fencing/roping off areas, stage (trailer), etc.
  • Silent Auction Manager: Pending Solicits product for auction. Responsible for coordinating donated items for silent auction. Insures collection from winners.
  • Set Up/Clean up staff: (4+) Work with Site Hardware Manager and Event Manager on set up or clean up details or on-going clean-up/site maintenance during the event. Need several people for site prep work previous two-three days.
  • Raffle Manager: Pending. Coordinates 50/50 raffle & drawing. Works with associates to sell and promote 50/50 drawing. Insures safe protection of funds raised. Can be done from a pre-set booth or via wandering through the attendees.
  • Raffle ticket sellers: (2) Works with Raffle Manager to sell 50/50 raffle tickets. Collects funds, dispenses tickets. Protects funds and tickets.
  • "Gofer" Person: (1+) Works with event manager/s in running errands on grounds and "gofer this and gofer that" as needed. Possible operation of golf cart or ATV. Safety minded/aware.
  • Communications Manager: Mike Kelley. (l) Coordinates communication between various entities on site via portable radio, etc. Manages equipment.
  • Communications system: Mike Kelley. Sets up/takes down and/or maintains Public Address System.
  • Advertising Manager: Coordinates with Public Information Officer (PIO), on press releases, coordinates with event manager and online manager concerning poster, online graphics, online registration forms, etc.
  • Poster Person: (1-3) Insures that advertisement materials are displayed in appropriate areas. People to post posters in appropriate places.
  • Graphics/Design: Coordinates with on line, event manager, swap meet manager, local printer, Develops poster, flyers, etc.
  • Liquid Assets (non-alcoholic) Manager: (1) Coordinates sales of non-alcoholic beverages on site. Works with volunteer sales people to insure protection of funds, assets and profits. Coordinates equipment/ coolers, cash-boxes, etc.
  • Liquid Asset Sales: (4-5) Works with Liquid Assets Manager selling non-alcoholic drinks at a profit for the museum. Maintains cold liquid assets. Interaction with consumers/customers.
  • Liquid Asset (Alcoholic) Manager: . Coordinate sales of beer and wine for the museum, coordinate equipment, coolers, cash-boxes, supplies, etc. Monitor to insure alcoholic beverages stay within the specified "alcoholic beverage" area.
  • Finance:Cindy Bergin. Coordinates financial aspects of venue.
  • Food Vendors:Pending. Coordinates all food vendors and online registrations.
  • Special Someone Willing person/s to just stick around and help out where needed.

It's a lot of work, but many hands make easy and fun work. Volunteers who work the day are provided with water, lunch and dinner after event is over (plus drinks).  We appreciate your support and assistance. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask any questions.

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