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Estrella Warbirds Museum has always used a P-38 Lightning in our logo as we pay homage to the Estrella US Army Air Forces Field that was located here during World War II. The base was used to train pilots in night flying and the primary aircraft used was a Lockheed P-38 Lightning. Our museum has also retained the "Estrella" name in our title. The one aircraft we have not been able to acquire thus far, is a P-38 Lightning. There are only 6 left flying in the world.

If a P-38 Lightning could be available, costs would run over $6 million based on the last sale of one. We have, however, been able to locate the next best thing, a full size fiberglass P-38 replica, which was well built and in excellent condition. We are moving forward to raise funds towards acquisition of this replica aircraft.

Please donate today and help us with this cause.
Thank you for your consideration! We know this will be an excellent compliment to our museum!

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