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Manufacturer: Douglas, Long Beach, CA
USAAF-Serial: 43-48608; K11 c/n 25869/14424
Call-sign: OT-CWF, L-CW
• 09/04/44: delivered USAAF
• 00/00/00: Europe ATC, 9th AF
• 04/18/46: transferred on loan to Belgian Air Force
• 07/00/46: 169 Wing-367 Sqn (L-CW), BAF S/N was K-11
• 00/00/47: overhaul Fairey (Gosselies)
• 00/00/00: 15 Wing-21 Sqn (OT-CWF)
• 09/18/52: returned to USAF/MAAG
• 05/08/53: to Armée de l'Air als 348608. Transferred under MDAP to French Air Force and utilized by the following units:
GT1/61 Radio Call Sign "FRAMB"
GT2/64 Radio Call Sign "FRAMB"
CIET 340
GT2/61 Radio Call Sign "FRAOO"
GT2/64 Radio Call Sign "FRAOL"
GT1/64 ELA-47
• 01/25/67: to Israël Air Force
• 00/00/00: registered 4X-FNN/016 IDF/AF, 120Sqn, Lod-Ben Gurion
• 06/01/71: transferred to IAF "Dakota Squadron". Flown until WFU in 1999
• 00/00/00: stored Tel Aviv-Ben Gurion
• 07/00/99: last noted stored Tel Aviv-Ben Gurion
• 08/26/99: registered N47SJ Global Aircraft Industries of Arizona LLC, 1112 W Camelback Road, Phoenix, Arizona 85013-2110 (tt 9357 hrs / 6830 landings)
• 08/16/01: left Ben Gurion on delivery, first stop Malta, landed in Malta with 1 engine shut down due to fuel system problem, only 2 min of fuel remained on landing. Both engines started giving trouble 200 miles away from the island.
• 08/18/01: departed Malta at 0700 hrs (0500 GMT)
• 08/18/01: noted Aberdeen Airport (United Kingdom)
• 02/20/02: noted Global Aircraft Industries Ltd, Villeneuve Airport, Edmonton, Alberta (Canada)
• 04/18/02: noted Villeneuve Airport, Edmonton, Alberta (Canada) (complete, Ex-Israeli AF cs)
• 09/20/04: offered for sale (150000 USD) (tt 9420)
• 06/19/07: registered N47SJ by Gooney Bird Corporation, Paso Robles, CA
• 06/20/07: Departed Villeneuve Airport for Paso Robles, California
• 06/22/07: Arrive Estrella WarBirds Museum, Paso Robles, California
• 02/26/08: re designated "Betsy's Biscuit Bomber"
• 02/27/08 undergoing restoration by Gooney Bird Corporation and proudly on display at Estrella WarBirds Museum, Paso Robles, CA
• 08/01/09 Restored to flight status, based at Estrella WarBirds Museum, owned and operated by Gooney Bird Group

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