Warbirds Wings & Wheels 11, Saturday, May 11th, 2019, at Estrella Warbirds Museum, Paso Robles California.

Photographs by Peter Visel

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Year 2019 marked forty three successful and fun-filled years for Monte Mills and his Lucky Horseshoe band. Monte and his musicians play about a fifty "gigs" a year, ranging from Barn Dances, Weddings, Bar-B-Qs, election campaigns, jail dedications, birthday parties to full-blown concerts. The group is known as a country band and they do play mostly country music, but they can just as easily slip into 50s and 60s oldies rock and roll, 1940's big band or Gospel.

Monte's years of experience have taught him what to play and when. Sometimes timing still is everything. The band doesn't play from a predetermined list, They like to see just how much energy they can get back from a crowd. It is really important to them that people have a good time. Monte Mills has become an icon of the California Central Coast. Monte also played during the Saturday show.

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