Warbirds Wings & Wheels 14, Saturday, May 13th, 2023, at Estrella Warbirds Museum

Class Awards Listing

Our congratulations go out to all the winners. Thank you for participating in Warbirds Wings & Wheels 14! If a vehicle is mis-identified, or if it is missing the picture, let me know which one it is and I can correct. Pictures were pulled from the entrance set as vehicles pulled in. It is possible some vehicle did not go through the line to be photographed, or I was unable to located based on description.

President's Best of Show
Woodland Choice of Show Award
a.1928-1931 Ford Model A stock-near stock
b. Model T Stock/near stock
David & Janet Fretwell
c. 1900-1934 Modified
d. 1935-1954 Modified
e. 1955-Present Modified
f. 1900-1954 Stock (except Model A & Model T)
g. 1955 to Present Stock
h. Pickups 1900-1944
Steven Crawford
i. Pickups 1945 - Present
j. Ranchero/El Camino -all
k. Pony Cars - Camaro/ Firebird/ Barracuda/ Javelin thru 2002
l. Corvettes 1953-1982
m. Corvettes 1983-Present
n. Mustangs 1964-1978
o. Mustangs 1979 - Present
p. Thunderbirds - All
q. Muscle Cars - All American
r. Shelby Mustang/Cobra - All
s. Sports/Foreign - All
t. Special Interest - Includes Air Cooled
u. Motorcycles - All
Tony Gourd
v. Military
w. Modern Day Challengers
x. Exhibition Only - Not judged
y. Race Cars - All (judged)
Tom Coppoletti
z. Cougars - All
Jeremy Daniel
aa. Exotic Sports - All

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