Warbirds Wings & Wheels 10th Anniversary!

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Take a Kid To a Car Show
Warbirds Wings & Wheels - A Brief History

On May 12th, 2018, Estrella Warbirds Museum will be celebrating the 10th anniversay of the original Warbirds Wings & Wheels event, first held on May 9th, 2009. The museum had just finalized construction of the Brooks Building, a 4,900 square foot facility scheduled to house restored military vehicles. After much debate, it was decided to hold an Open House with the added attraction of a vintage and classic car show. Thousands of people showed up on short notice! The following year, Dick Woodland opened the Woodland Auto Display at Estrella Warbirds Museum. Little was it known back in 2009, that ten years later the car show would grow into a sizeable event attracting not only participants from all over California, but also world reknown race car drivers, automotive designers, builders and enthusiasts! In 2016, the event was immortalized when Dennis Gage featured Warbirds Wings & Wheels 8 on the nationally syndicated television show, "My Classic Car." Dennis Gage returns in 2018 as special guest host for Warbirds Wings & Wheels 10.

Noteables such as racing legends Parnelli Jones, Bobby Unser; HotRod designer, Bones Noteboom; Blackie Gejeian, TV personalities such as Dennis Gage, and others have been special guests at the event or have supported the event over the years.

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