Excess Equipment for Sale

Estrella Warbirds Museum has deemed the following excess equipment for sale:
Unrestored 1943 Ford GTBS "Burma Jeep", with unmounted bomb hoist. Burma Jeeps were produced during WWII and were used primarily by the US Navy and Marine Corps and used exclusively in the Pacific Theater during World War II, many used on the "Burma Road". Its Ordinance Standard nomenclature number was G-622. Ford produced the low silhouette, short and maneuverable GTB in five models collectively called the G-622.

1943 Burma JeepBurma Jeep Bomb Hoist


VIN: Missing Data plate
Price: $6,000. Sold as a single unit. Prefer not to separate.
Engine: Ford G8T Flathead 6 cylinder
Transmission: 4 speed N/Sync
Trans. Case: 2-Speed Hi/Lo
Fuel: 70 octane min.
Capacity: 40 Gallons
Payload: 3,000 lbs
Paint: US Navy "Ocean Gray"
Winch: 10,000 lb Bradewn
Weight: 7250 lbs
No. Produced: 15,000 +/-
Status Unrestored
Owner: Estrella Warbird Museum


This Burma Jeep is unrestored, in running condition, will drive and stop. Bomb hoist is complete. This is a restoration project. Also extra parts available. Will be sold as one package unit, not separated. Asking $6,000.

For further information and questions, please contact Bill Landerclan, via email.

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