1941 Willys MB Jeep

Gary Corippo, an EWM museum founder, purchased the jeep fram a rancher in Colinga, CA, in 1995. It had the original Army colors and numbers from 1946. It was repainted and re-numbered in its prsent form. This is a very early jeep with a "slat" grille, much like it's predecessor, the Bantam Jeep.

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CN: 107866
ID Number: 107866
Engine: L Head, 4 Cylinder
Horsepower: 54@4500 RPM
Suspension 4-WD, 4 Leaf Springs
Transmission: T-84, 3 Speed
Tires: 11-20
Cubic Inch 134
Electrical: 12-volt Conversion
Vehicle Dimensions: Ground Clearance - 11 inches
Loading Height: - 56 inches
Pintle Height, Loaded - 25 Inches
Status Operating Display
Owner: Gary Corippo


This jeep was delivered to the US Army on November 20, 1941, just three weeks before the attack on Pearl Harbor.

A classic example of the early-WWII Army Jeep, this one mounting a .50-cal Browning machine gun that has been converted to operate with acetylene, but in noise only -- the barrel is plugged. This is also one of the EWM restored vehicles which represents the Estrella WarBirds Museum in local community events.