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Warbirds Over Paso 2013

Estrella Warbirds Museum,Inc., and Planes of Fame Museum, welcome your comments and pictures of the first annual Warbirds Over Paso air show.

10/11/2012/Pictures from Warbirds Over Paso submitted by Wayne Rice.

10/7/2012/Jon Corippo compiled a great video from Warbirds Over Paso. Here's a YouTube Video.

10/5/2012/Webmaster, Peter Visel took a flight in a P-51D the day prior to the show. Here's a photo journey.

9/29/2012/Pictures of air show submitted by Peter D. Visel.

9/29/2012/YouTube Video of air show acrobatic by the Sea Fury, posted by bassflyer.

9/28/2012/Gala Dinner for sponsors and VIPs held the night before the show.

9/28/2012/Incoming Planes, pre-show day pics.

9/22/2012 BooBoo The Legend - Warbirds Over Paso air show advertisement.

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