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Warbirds Wings And Wheels 3

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May 14th, 2011


We will continue to add relevant comments, post pictures, reviews, inks to articles concerning Warbirds Wings and Wheels 3.  Special thanks goes out to EVERYONE who played any role, great or small in helping to make this event a success.  Our hats are off to you for a job well done!
This pair of Corvettes sits in front of an F104 and an A-7 in the rear. Photo by T. Daniel Hogan

Last updated 7-1-2011

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Winners from Warbirds, Wings and Wheels 3 are listed here
July 1, 2011

Sure sorry to have missed the 2011 was the same day as the Chino Warbird Airshow ! Please give some thought
to moving the date next year so us Chino diehards can attend, 'cause there's a lot of us who would !
Scott Steele  18 June, 2011

James Stainbrook, records Warbirds Wings & Wheels 3 Entry Picture.  View all pics here.
15 June, 2011

Glenn Walton, photographer extraordinaire, records Warbirds Wings & Wheels 3.  View all pics here.
11 June, 2011

Paso Robles Press/ North County News, June Edition
3 June, 2011

Top Notch Show of Air planes, cars, trucks, boats and motorcycles. This is the only "car" show that I have attended with such a wide variety of magnificient specimens of transportation. Truly a family event. If you only attend on event a year, this is the ONE. My compliments to the organizers and to the Estrella Warbirds Museum for a fine show. I'll be back next year!
Chett Myers
We really enjoyed our day in Paso Robles. Thankyou for all your work to put together a great show. John, Ryan, and Jim Agan

A collection of pics by T. Daniel Hogan.

Special thanks to Mike Levine for capturing the day!
5-24, 2011

Hi there,

We were at the Warbirds, Wings, and Wheels Car Show last week and did a blog post on it. We're friends with Jeanette and Tracy Mayfield, and were bartending in the back hangar. Check out our blog and let us know what you think. We had a great time...awesome show!!!

Just wanted to send huge thank you's to everyone involved with the very enjoyable show Saturday! I live just down the street literally and this was my first time there and won't be my last, it was wonderful! We did what we could to support too by purchasing items in the gift shop and at the vendors. What a wonderful display of memorabilia! We are looking forward to coming back to this event year after year!
The Bright's
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