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Warbirds Wings and Wheels 2 - May 8, 2010!

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This page is a "work in progress." We will continue to add relevant comments, post pictures, reviews, links to articles concerning Warbirds Wings and Wheels 2.  Special thanks goes out to everyone who played any role, great or small in helping to make this event a success.  Our hats are off to you for a job well done!

Aerial view taken approx 10:30 a.m., May 8th, 2010
last updated 5-21-2010

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A great slide show of many of the cars and other items on display at the museum.
Photographs by Glen Walton.

The show staff was very welcoming, the participants were a fine bunch of car jocks, and the attendees were very respectful and keenly interested in our cars. The weather was perfect and it was an all around great day. Thank you very much and hope to see you again next year.
~ Blaine Hall

Event pictures by Wally Engle, EWM Photographer

Thank you again for an outstanding event! Don't change a thing... Here's the coverage (pictures) that were posted on the 'net, the link is also on my face book page.
~ Sherm Porter
Thank you for a fantastic day.......Everyone enjoyed it so much. It was a complete success!!! We won the plaque for Motorcycles and we are honored to display it! Thank you!!
~ Karyl Lammers
All the guests we invited join me in thanking you for a truly memorable experience and lovely day. You worked like a demon!
~ Dr. M.H. Seaman
Thank you for all your hard work!!! It was an outstanding show! Keep up the Good Work!
~ John W
Grrrrrrreat show on Saturday, great turnout...tons of fine rides and the setting was very, very cool.
I would call it a success from my perspective, hope it was for you sure could have made a ton of money selling beer!

~ Bob Chute Paso Robles Magazine
'Wings & Wheels' soars, roars into Estrella Warbirds Museum. Paso Robles Press
~ Hayley Thomas
What a day! We couldn't have asked for better cooperation from the weather. The crowds were great, the cars were outstanding!
~ RW
Sam and I participated in your show last year and again yesterday and once again had a great time! I just looked and see you still have my photos on your site from last year. I hope you enjoy the photos I took this year as well! Here's a link to my Picasa Album. The photos can be viewed individually or in a full screen slide show. Thanks again for a great event! See you next year.
~ Vivian Krug
6 p.m. and 10 p.m. news. Story and video
~KSBY Channel 5/6
Local News. San Luis Obispo Page
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