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Adult Museum Entrance
Price: $10.00
Flight Simulator
One half hour flight, includes flight training for those who do not know how to fly.
Price: $20.00
Children 6-12
Price: $8.00
Event Platinum Sponsor
Platinum Event Sponsorship with provisions as described on Event Page
Price: $500.00
Event Silver Sponsorship
Silver Sponsorship with benefits as described on Event Sponsorship page.
Price: $100.00
Event Gold Sponsorship
Event Gold Sponsorship as described in detail on Event Sponsorship Page.
Price: $200.00
Event Ticket
Event BBQ per person. Tickets to be picked up at the door.
Price: $15.00
Family Admission
Admission to Museum for Immediate Family Includes two adults and up to three children under the age of 17.
Price: $20.00
Group Tour (Per Individual)
Group Tour Rate, per individual, minimum 10 individuals.
Price: $8.00
Senior Admission 60+
Price: $8.00
Warbirds Over Paso Entrance Fee
***On line sales are closed for this event. Tickets are available at the gate**** Entrance fee Age 13 and older to Warbirds Over Paso, October 5th. Entrance wrist band also entitles owner to one free visit to the Estrella Warbirds Museum & Woodland Auto Display October 5th through Dec 31st, 2013
Price: $0.00 Entrance for Children 12/under - Free Please let us know how many you are bringing. Wrist bands will be furnished.
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