Current Needs

Estrella WarBirds Museum is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation chartered under the laws of the State of California. The museum, now in its 21st year of existence, has come a long way after starting with the idea of starting a museum by two men with two planes. We have seen consistent growth and expansion over the years, all of which has been accomplished by your general financial and physical support! Please consider us in your giving. Gifts to the museum are tax deductable to the extent that the law provides. Estrella Warbirds Museum is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Corporation, chartered in the state of California. Tax ID 77-0324714
ccblock.gif Concrete Block Name Plates
Sidewalk and other paving is accomplished through the donations of individuals. In recognition to their generosity, we will place a ceramic name plate, embossed with the name of their choice in honor of that individual.
Price: $100.00
vehiclerestore110.gif Vehicle Restoration Equipment
Equipment to be used primarily the restoration of military artifacts/vehicles
Price: $4,500.00
Paint for Aircraft Restoration
Maintenance of existing static aircraft displays is an on-going requirement for the museum. Any funds collected will be applied towards this effort.
Price: $450.00
weld.gif Welding Supplies
Our current volunteer restoration staff have been kept busy constructing new display supports and in repair to existing aircraft or artifacts. These supplies are normal consumables during the reconstruction process.
Price: $475.00
carpet110.gif Carpet Cleaning
Carpets in the Freedom Hall and in our meeting room, Thomson Hall, routinely need to be steam cleaned quarterly due to the on-going traffic.
Price: $375.00
Transportation Charges
There are currently three planes which have been donated to the museum that are awaiting pickup. Due to the size and weight of the aircraft, if it can not be flown to the museum, we have to hire the services of one or two semi flatbed trailers.
Price: $2,500.00
videosurv.gif Video Surveilliance System
As we have continued to grow, we have acquired many rare and expensive artifacts. We now have 7 buildings to monitor. Expansion of video system would enable fewer docents to keep an overall watch on all areas.
Price: $1,000.00
signage110.gif Signage
We will be adding new signs to the vehicles and artifacts to be displayed throughout the musesum..
Price: $350.00
bldgmaintenance.gif Facility Maintenance
As we start our 21st year, some of the older buildings require additional maintenance to keep them up to safety and appearance standards.
Price: $2,500.00
Aircraft acquisition fund
We are constantly on the lookout for additional aircraft to add to the sestoration list for museum. Your continued support is greatly appreciated!
Price: $500.00
Building Pergola / Trellis
The pergola/trellis is one item which still needs to be completed prior to the building being finalized. The city has required that the new building match the existing Freedom Hall in exterior appearance.
Price: $1,000.00
landscaping.gif Landscaping - Brooks Building
Landscaping needs to be completed prior to finalizing the new facility.
Price: $275.00
Every once in a while, we have specific needs to fill. Our members, guests and friends have always stepped up to the plate to fulfill those needs.