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Estrella Warbirds Museum is one of the fastest growing museums in CA

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There is always plenty to do and see at Estrella Warbirds Museum whether you are 3 or 93!

"Warbirds Over Paso" Air Show
Pics & Comments

Armament & Ordnance

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Aircraft at the museum can be privately owned and on display, on loan from military organizations or belong to Estrella Warbirds Museum

Watch this space for upcoming additions!

Welcome to the Woodland Family Automobile Display

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Missiles On Display at Estrella Warbirds Museum

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Vehicles on display are frame up restorations. Got talent? We've got more to do.

Got Questions? Contact Us! Our vehicle displays are always changing. You will find something new with each visit.

Estrella Warbirds Museum is one of the fastest growing museums in CA

Got Questions? Contact Us

Estrella Warbirds Museum is one of the fastest growing museums in CA

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November Dinner Pics 2014
Veterans Day Flyover 2014
October Dinner 2014
August Dinner 2014
July Dinner 2014
March Dinner 2014
February Dinner 2014
January Dinner 2014
December Dinner 2013
October 2013 dinner
September 2013 dinner
August 2013 dinner
July Dinner 2014
June 2013 dinner
C47B flight winners from Warbirds Wings & Wheels 5
May 2013 dinner
April 2013 dinner
February 2013 dinner
September Dinner 2012
March Dinner 2012
February Dinner 2012
January Dinner 2012
Docent Appreciation Dinner 2011
Veterans Day 2011
Paso Robles Airport Day
September 2011 Dinner Meeting
August 2011 Dinner Meeting
July 2011 Dinner Meeting
Obbie Atkinson Memorial Blood Drive, May 6th, 2011
Freedom Hall pictures 1/2/11
December Dinner Pictures 12/1/10
October Dinner Pictures
September Dinner Pictures
July Dinner Pictures
C-47 Pictures from Nick Camacho
C-47 Return to EWM 08/03/10
C-47 Reunion/Oshkosh Page 08/01/10
C-47 Departure for Oshkosh 07/23/10
July Dinner Pictures 07/14/2010
June Dinner Pictures 6-9-2010
Memorial Day 2010.
Pictures, Comments and clips from Warbirds Wings and Wheels 2  5-30-2010
April Meeting Pictures 4-7-2010
March Meeting Pictures 3-3-2010
C-47 Flight - Mike Levine Photographer 3-12-10
San Luis Obispo Farmers Market Veterans Celebration (11-11-09)
Colony Days Parade Atascadero 10/17/09
Pioneer Days Parade 10/10/09
Airport Days, Paso Robles 09/12/09
20 Year Anniversary Dinner 09/02/09
Ronald Reagan Library Tour, 09/08/09
August Dinner Meeting 08/05/09
Woodland Building
Start to finish, 07/18/09
Automobile Display
Soft Opening, 07/08/09
Air National Guard Concert, 07/08/09
July Dinner Pics
June 09 Dinner Pictures
Warbirds, Wings & Wheels Pics
May 09 Dinner
Marine BBQ 4-5-09
Web Photo Gallery
37 Tons Of Fun Arrives at EWM 032109

Brooks Building, New displays and restored vehicles. Progress comes to EWM! 01-29-09
Paso Robles Lighted Holiday Parade 12-8-08
December 3d Dinner Meeting 12-3-08
Men & Women of the Estrella Squadron (11-23-08)
November 6 Dinner pics.
Trojans & Hoovers
Oct 10-12, 2008
October 1 Dinner
& pics of the month 10-01-08
September 19th,2008 Freedom Hall Mural
August 31st, Grizzly Academy Clean Up
August 2, 2008 Meeting Pictures (8-8-08)
June 2, 2008 Meeting Pictures (Jul 2 08)
June 4, 2008 Meeting Pictures (06-06-08)
Library Grand Opening
May 7th, Meeting with Karl Heauser (5-9-08)
EWM & Navy League Event Pictures (4-26-08)
Before and After. Transitions. (4-10-08)
April 2d Meeting Pictures (04-09-08)
C-47 Update
C-47 In the Beginning. From Villeneuve to Paso Robles 2008
February Dinner Meeting Pictures (2008)
C-47 Flash Slide Show (2008)
December Meeting
Pictures (2007)
Airplane Models at the Museum
Paso Robles Christmas Parade
C-47 Update
November 17
Workday (2007)
Meeting Pictures (2007)
Colony Days
Atascadero (2007)
Trojans sans Hoovers Fly In Pictures (2007)
Pioneer Day Parade Pictures (2007)
October Meeting Pictures (2007)
September Meeting Work Crew (2007)
Airview (1995-2007)
August work details (2007)
Firestone Winery 4th of July Dinner (2007)
with EWB Fly-Over
Air National Guard Evening of Music (2007)
Great Americana Festival Parade Paso Robles (2007)
Youth Day (2007)
with antique car show and F18 Fly-In
Museum Tour (2007)
Museum Building Celebration (2007)
Scrapbook 05 (2006)
Scrapbook 04 (2005)
Tomcat Arrival (2004)
Scrapbook 03 (2004)
Scrapbook 02 (2003)
Scrapbook 01 ( 2002)
Thorp Fly-in (2001)

Warbirds Over Paso, October 5, 2013
Warbirds Over Paso
, Sept 29th 2012
George Marrett speaking at the Western Museum of Flight
One Tank Trip. Story done on Estrella Warbirds Museum by local KCOY TV
An Electrifying Experience
. George Taylor and Gary Corippo 09-02-09
C-47 First flight, check flight 8-8-09
C-47 Preflight briefing prior to checkflight. 8-8-09
CH-46 Sea Knight and a CH-53E Sea Stallion take off from Estrella WarBirds Museum after BBQ hosted by volunteers 4-5-09
Marines from HMM-166 (Rein) departing Estrella Warbirds Museum after appreciation BBQ 4-5-09
Unloading 37 Tons of Landing Craft 032109
Putting the crane away 032109
Rolling 37 tons 03109
Flying with the Trojans (2007)
also on YouTube
DVD Preview:
The Berlin Wall 1989
DVD Preview:
Mig 29 over Germany
Fire Up the Gooney Bird! (2007)
C-47 Initial Fly-By (2007)
Trojans & Hoovers Fly-In (2006)
Don't Call Them Ghosts (2006)
Today in time (2007)
A step back in time (1996)
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