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Estrella Warbirds Museum is one of the fastest growing museums in CA

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There is always plenty to do and see at Estrella Warbirds Museum whether you are 3 or 93!

"Warbirds Over Paso" Air Show
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Armament & Ordnance

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Aircraft at the museum can be privately owned and on display, on loan from military organizations or belong to Estrella Warbirds Museum

Watch this space for upcoming additions!

Welcome to the Woodland Family Automobile Display

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Note: In order to keep the displays looking fresh, some of the listed vehicles may be temporarily cycled out for maintenance, on loan, or to make room for other vehicles.

Missiles On DIsplay at Estrella Warbirds Museum

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Vehicles on display are frame up restorations. Got talent? We've got more to do.

Got Questions? Contact Us! Our vehicle displays are always changing. You will find something new with each visit.

Estrella Warbirds Museum is one of the fastest growing museums in CA

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James E Brown IIIMonthly Dinner Special Guest Speaker
Wed., Mar 4th, 2015

"JB" James E. Brown III
Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Co.

No Host Bar Starts: 6:00 p.m.
Dinner Starts at 7:00 p.m.

Jim Brown graduated “With Distinction” from the Virginia Military Institute in 1976 with a BS Degree in Civil Engineering, earned a Master of Science in Management from Troy State University and completed graduate study in Mechanical Engineering with California State University, Fresno.

Following two European tours flying the F-4 and F-5 he was selected to attend the USAF Test Pilot School where he graduated with Class 86A in December of 1986 and was presented the Onazuka Propwash Award by his classmates. Following graduation he tested the A-7, F-15 Eagle and then performed flight trials on numerous prototype aircraft which remain classified. Leaving the USAF in 1992, he spent 2 years flying the 737 for United Airlines. In 1994 he was hired by the Lockheed Skunk Works as an Experimental Test Pilot in the F-117 Stealth Fighter.

After flying the Stealth for eight years and serving at the Chief Test Pilot, he was selected to test the F-22 Raptor. He served as the Lead Test Pilot for the Raptor Program at Edwards Air Force Base, CA and in July 2011 took over as the F-22 Chief Test Pilot.

In April 2012 he surpassed 1,000 flight hours in the Raptor. In June 2013 JB left the high performance cockpit to become the Chief of Flight Operations at Lockheed Martin’s Advanced Development Projects – the “Skunk Works”.

He now maintains his currency (and sanity) in a vintage Cessna 195. JB is a Fellow and Past President of the Society of Experimental Test Pilots and is a Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society. He has logged over 8,800 flight hours in 134 different models of aircraft and is the world’s highest time Stealth Fighter pilot

View pictures from March dinner click here.

Dinner is catered and open to the public ($17/person), reservations are required prior to 6 p.m., Monday prior to dinner, either On-line HERE or call 805 296-1935

GNAT 750

Pfauter Red Ball Express Building Starts Taking Shape

The second portion of a three phase major expansion for Estrella Warbirds Museum is currently taking advantage of the great spring weather. Steel columns and purlons began to be set in place the second week of March.

The 5000 square foot Pfauter "Red Ball Express" building will house an exceptional collection of WWII vehicles, many which were part of the famous "Red Ball Express". The collection is generously being provided by Herman Phauter. We are thankful for his interest in Estrella Warbirds Museum and the fact that he shares the same goal we do in wishing to preserve yesterday's history for tomorrows generation.

We are hoping to have construction completed early summer. As you may be aware, all construction projects are fully funded prior to commencemnt of any project. We pride ourselves in raising our own funds without the assistance of goverment grants. We are a local community based 501(c)(3) non-profit and have grown tremendously since the original idea of a museum by two wonderful men with two airplanes and a big vision. Little did they know were we will be today.

Follow the construction progress pictures. click here.

GIft Shop Docents

Museum Docents Make it all Happen!

Estrella Warbirds Museum relies on an outstanding cast of volunteer docents to help run the museum, the gift shop, the automobile display.

It's a great place to make new friends and meet people from all over the world that stop by Paso Robles to visit the museum! If you would like to volunteers a few hours each month, or week, let us know. We would love to meet you! Stop by the museum or find more information here.

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