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Estrella Warbirds Museum is one of the fastest growing museums in CA

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There is always plenty to do and see at Estrella Warbirds Museum whether you are 3 or 93!

"Warbirds Over Paso" Air Show
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Armament & Ordnance

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Aircraft at the museum can be privately owned and on display, on loan from military organizations or belong to Estrella Warbirds Museum

Watch this space for upcoming additions!

Welcome to the Woodland Family Automobile Display

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Note: In order to keep the displays looking fresh, some of the listed vehicles may be temporarily cycled out for maintenance, on loan, or to make room for other vehicles.

Missiles On DIsplay at Estrella Warbirds Museum

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Vehicles on display are frame up restorations. Got talent? We've got more to do.

Got Questions? Contact Us! Our vehicle displays are always changing. You will find something new with each visit.

Estrella Warbirds Museum is one of the fastest growing museums in CA

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Monthly Dinner Special Guest Speaker

Wednesday Nov 5
Roger Maraist

No Host Bar Starts: 6:00 p.m.
Dinner Starts at 7:00 p.m.

Letters Home From a Fallen Hero is the riveting account of a son's path to discovery of a fallen hero - the father he never knew. On the day B-25 pilot Lt. Roger Jamison learned his son Roger Jr. was born, his plane was shot down on a mission over Tunisia and crashed in flames in the Mediterranean. Roger grew up believing all crewmen perished. Seventy years later, a series of uncanny circumstances, in a short period of time, across half the country, led son Roger to personal encounters with veterans or their families that flew with his father with the "Earthquakers" of the 12th Bomb Group in North Africa. Their recollections and written accounts along with memorabilia, his father's letters, eyewitness accounts and even a War Department film showing his dad the day he died and chilling captivation of his plane on fire as it dropped from the echelon were all part of the puzzle to at last reveal his father, his love for Roger's mother, his strong belief in God and his reflections of a young man in harm's way. The recounting of this search offers universal appeal of unraveling mysteries and discovering one's past. Not only did the author find answers, but perplexing questions arose that convince him there is yet more to the story. Could his father have lived? There are conflicting eyewitness accounts of the crash and circumstances that add to the puzzle. Illustrations, photos, personal anecdotes, eyewitness accounts by WW ll airmen, as well as historical events occurring at this time plus history of the 12th Bomb Group "Earthquakers" provide a valuable reference to the Army Air Force in the North African Theater. Rich in detail, history and emotion, Letters Home From a Fallen Hero is totally engrossing.

About the author: Author Roger William Maraist never knew his father, Lt. Roger Jamison, or until recently, the remarkable story of his service as a B-25 pilot. Out of respect for the man that raised him, it seemed the natural course of things for Roger to take the surname of his stepfather, Air Force B-29 pilot, Lt. Col. James Maraist. Still, for the self-described "Air Force Brat", having lived on military bases around the globe, something was missing. Roger went on to get his education and establish himself in a career, retiring years later from the Southern California Edison Company as a Regional Manager in the San Joaquin Valley. Roger is an advocate for veteran's programs and is also the Editor of the 82nd Bomb Squadron Newsletter, devoted to veterans and families of the 12th Bomb Group "Earthquakers". Roger and his wife Barbara divide spare time between their children, 13 grandchildren, their vacation home at the coast and drives through the California wine country.

Where you can buy the book? The book can be purchased through Amazon or from me directly where I personalize and date comments to the purchaser.

View pictures from October dinner click here.

Dinner is catered and open to the public ($17/person), reservations are required prior to 6 p.m., Monday prior to dinner, either On-line HERE or call 805 296-1935 (New Number).

RF-8G restoration

RF-8G Restoration Progresses

Some of you may not recognize this aircraft, but if you look closer, it is the RF-8G that has been languishing unrestored as a static display for the past 8-10 years! No, its not a new plane, this is just a sneak preview of what our most excellent volunteer restoration crew has been doing this summer. Stay tuned and stop by to watch completion and relocation of this beautiful artifact! Congratulations to everyone who had anything to do with this restoration over the past many years. For more information, check out the RF-8G page.

1948 Crosley Pickup

New in the Woodland Auto Display Building!

Several vehicles were added this past month to the auto display including this very finely restored and rare 1948 Crosley Pickup. Crosley was a common name during the 1940's and 1950's, whether it be in refrigerators, radios or a myriad of types of inexpensive, high mpg vehicles.

You will find more information on this pickup in the automotive section. Better yet! If you haven't been to the museum lately, come on down and take a look at the new displays!

GIft Shop Docents

Museum Docents Make it all Happen!

Estrella Warbirds Museum relies on an outstanding cast of volunteer docents to help run the museum, the gift shop, the automobile display.

It's a great place to make new friends and meet people from all over the world that stop by Paso Robles to visit the museum! If you would like to volunteers a few hours each month, or week, let us know. We would love to meet you! Stop by the museum or find more information here.

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