Hand Guns & Rifles

Enclosed in hardened cases within Freedom Hall, you will find several displays of unique hand guns and rifles, some dating back to the Civil War, some from WWI vintage, and some from WWII. All weapons are permanently inoperable according to FATF requirements.

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The handguns on display were either donated to the Estrella Warbird Museum or have been placed on loan with the museum from private parties. You will find on display rifles and handguns from Kraig, Springfield, Garand, an M1 Carbine, Yugoslavian 8mm Mauser, Swedish 6.5 mm Mauser, Colt, Spanish 7mm Mauser, an Italian Carano rifle (the type used to assassinate JFK), Lee Enfield modified to .410, Lee Enfield MK3 (WWI & WWII), Lee Enfield MK1 (WWI), Japanese Ariska 7.7mm, Japanese Ariska Type 99 7.7mm, Japanese Ariska Type 88 6.5mm and Steyr-Mannlicher M95 -Austria Hungarian WWI and WWII.

In addition you will find several other rifles or machine guns used during WWII on display in Freedom Hall.

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